28 November 2022 to 2 December 2022
UTC timezone

Q&A on recorded talks of topic 2 - Getting active with A4E (A)

30 Nov 2022, 08:00


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On Wednesday, 30th of November, there will be one block of Q&A and discussion for topic 2 at 8am UTC and another one at 5pm UTC. Feel free to join either one or both of them.

Recorded talks:

  • Possible support from A4E for more sustainability in our home institutions -- Takalana, Charles

  • How To Advocate for Solutions To Climate Change -- Rector, Travis

  • What can an astronomer do? -- Williams, Andy

Reports form working groups and projects of individuals in A4E:

  • Overview video (Ossenkopf-Okada, Volker)
  • Web resources (Williamson, Kathryn)
  • Newsletter (Ossenkopf-Okada, Volker)
  • Outreach (Agnos, Steve & Jessica)
  • Membership group (Cool, Adrienne & Deveny, Sarah)
  • Astronomy & Climate Change: A Chilean Perspective (Jaffé, Yara & Peña, Karla)
  • Civic Engagement with Elected Officials (Williamson, Kathryn)
  • Region Africa (Thorat, Kshitij)
  • Region Australia, Ocenania (Stevens, Adam)
  • Amateur Astronomers (White, Vivian)
  • EAS Sustainability Committee: Rise and Fall (Burtscher, Leonard)
  • Accesibility (Mehta, Parit)
  • Art and Astronomy (Beuchert, Tobias)
  • For how long will we inhabit earth? (Pilia, Maura)
  • Regional letter to politicians (Wendel, Christoph)
  • Statement on science policy (Mingo, Beatriz)


  • The PLEES index: Climate change changes needs -- Fréour, Laurane

  • Light pollution: astronomers go into action in Grenoble -- Milli, Julien

  • The Power of (Collective) Action! -- Rodgers, Bernadette

  • Scientist rebellion - the role of scientists in civil disobedience -- Penoyre, Zephyr

  • "La nuit est belle": Raising awareness for light pollution -- Vauglin, Isabelle

  • Blog post for Social Anthropologists in St. Andrews -- Wild, Vivienne

Feel free to post your questions and comments either directly under each youtube video or in this slack channel dedicated to discussion on topic 2: https://astro4earth.slack.com/archives/C0493J8KLN9

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