27 September 2021 to 1 October 2021
Parc Científic de Barcelona
Europe/Madrid timezone

COVID-19 Information

Travelling to Spain and Covid

In order to enter Spain, the basic requirement that any passenger has to meet is to fill out and present at the airport an SPTH form. You can obtain yours here.

The other requirements depend on the specifics of the passenger that wants to enter Spain. Here you can find the different scenarios and the requirements that will be asked of you:

Where can I get a PCR or Antigens test without an appointment

If you need to We recommend the clinic Synlab. You can get a PCR test without an appointment, by just going there, and you will get your results in the next 24h. You can also get a antigens quick test at the Medical Services of the University of Barcelona, and obtain the results in 15’ approximately. In order to request this service, please send an email to iccub_etn@icc.ub.edu stating your full name.

Specific COVID-19 regulations of the Tensor Network ICCUB School 2021

In view of the organisation of the Tensor Network ICCUB School 2021 at the Institute of Cosmos Sciences of  the University of Barcelona during the week of September 27 to October 1st of 2021, I hereby state the protocols anti‐Covid‐19 of the University of Barcelona. 

An updated detailed contingency plan of the University of Barcelona concerning COVID‐19  health crisis (in catalan) can be downloaded from: 


Here I attach an extract of that document in what concerns protection measures:  “5. Organizational, individual and structural protection measures. 

a) Duty of self‐protection: 

All members of the university community must take the necessary measures to prevent the  generation of risks of spreading COVID‐19 infection, as well as their own exposure to these  risks, with the adoption of individual and collective protection measures based on:  • Mandatory use of a face mask without a valve. 

• The maintenance of the minimum interpersonal distance is 1.5 meters, except in places where  teaching activities are carried out. The capacity in the spaces where teaching activities are not  carried out is given by the equivalent of a security space of 2.5 m2 per person, unless a more  restrictive value is applied due to the type of activity. . 

• Frequent hand hygiene with soap and water or ice or hydroalcoholic solution. 

• The natural or mechanical ventilation of the spaces for as long as possible 

• Hygiene of respiratory symptoms (avoid coughing directly into the air, cover your mouth with  the inside of your forearm, and avoid touching your face, nose, and eyes). 

• The use of personal protective equipment depending on the activity (gloves, safety glasses,  etc.). 

• The prioritization of meetings in electronic format. 

• The avoidance of crowds by adapting entry and exit times, and preferably by appointment.  • The preference for outdoor spaces for activities. 

• Self‐cleaning of shared surfaces and equipment occupied and / or used. 

b) Mandatory use of a mask. 

o The use of a mask is mandatory in all enclosed spaces and for as long as they are there, for all  people who access the buildings and facilities of the UB, regardless of the maintenance of the  interpersonal physical distance of security.

o The use of the mask is mandatory in the work environment when the work space is for public  use or open to the public, shared with other workers, or when there are trips inside the work  center. 

o In the case of workspaces closed to the public, for individual use, and properly ventilated,  once the worker is doing tasks that do not involve mobility, the use of a mask will not be  mandatory. 

o People who have any type of illness or respiratory difficulty that is incompatible with the use  of the mask and justify it with a medical certificate are not obliged to use it. 

o It is also not required in the case of outdoor sports, nor in the cases established by the  competent authorities. 

o In the event of non‐compliance with the obligation to wear the mask correctly, the protocol  provided for in the annex to File J will be applied.”

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