9-12 July 2019
Facultat de Física, Universitat de Barcelona
Europe/Madrid timezone

Useful information

Please keep in mind that you need to upload and check your presentation slides in PDF before the respective session starts. All sessions will be provided with a presentation laptop (Windows/Mac).

For posters, there will be a dedicated space adjacent to the meeting room. Poster size should not exceed A1 format. 

In case of problems or questions, please do not hesitate to email the local organisation committee via hepro7@icc.ub.edu or contact us at the registration desk.

Eduroam will be available at the campus, whereas a dedicated wi-fi network node will be available for the conference.

If you need a working room, please contact the conference office or hepro7@icc.ub.edu

Lunch will be offered at  the Faculty canteen. The daily menu (cost ~8,50 EUR) includes self-service salads and a free-buffet service of several first and second course dishes, drinks and deserts. Coffee is not included. Alternatively, a variety of bars and restaurants can also be found on the Diagonal campus at less than 10 min walking distance. See also google maps.

During the conference breaks, coffee, beverages and snacks will be provided.

Early July can be warm to moderately hot in Barcelona, with day temperatures reaching 25-30 degree Celsius (~75 - 85 degree Fahrenheit) and slightly fresher mornings/afternoons. Sporadic rain is not usual but cannot be discarded.

CONFERENCE DINNER – Thursday, 11th July, 20:00
Dinner will take place at the restaurant "Font de Prades", located in the Poble Espanyol open-air museum. The Poble Espanyol is easily reachable with public transport. Get to "Plaça d'Espanya" either by bus or using the green or red metro lines, metro stop "Espanya". From there, a 10 min walk up the Montjuïc hill will bring you to the Poble Espanyol entrance. Show your ticket (optional during the Registration process and after corresponding payment, see Registration Section for details) and you will have access to the open-air museum. Follow indications to the restaurant, which is located at the northern-east corner of Poble Espanyol.

You will find the location of the conference in the venue section. While in Barcelona, you can use Taxi, Bus, Tram, Underground and Regional trains to move throughout the city. Find your connection here


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