6-10 July 2020
Facultat de Biologia, Universitat de Barcelona
Europe/Madrid timezone

Scientific Programme

The Gamma 2020 Program will be divided in four broad Scientific Sessions which will be focused on corresponding topics related to gamma-ray astrophysics, including Instrumentation and Observatories, Galactic and Extragalactic science, and MWL/multi-messenger aspects.

The Program will be distributed in plenary Invited talks (both Review and Highlights) during the morning sessions, and Contributed talks organised in parallel sessions in the afternoon. There will be ample opportunity for poster discussions during the entire conference.


  Monday 6th Tuesday 7th Wednesday 8th Thursday 9th Friday 10th


(Plenary sessions)

Review & Highlights Talks

Review & Highlights Talks

Review & Highlights Talks

Review & Highlights Talks

Review & Highlights Talks


(Parallel sessions)

Contributed Talks

Contributed Talks

Contributed Talks

Contributed Talks



Poster Session

Welcome Reception

Public Lecture (TBD)   Conference Dinner  



Review talks

Highest energy Cosmic Rays: Angela Olinto
Galactic Cosmic Rays (AMS etc): Eun-Suk Seo
High Energy Neutrinos: Elisa Resconi
Multiwavelength/multi-messenger: Teresa Montaruli
Theory of Gamma-ray loud AGN (RG, Blazars): Frank Rieger
The status of searching Dark Matter with gamma-rays and Cosmic Rays: Javier Rico
Multi-wavelength Studies of Pulsars: Nanda Rea
Non-thermal Processes in Supernova Remnants: Takaaki Tanaka
Astrophysics of AGN: Paolo Padovani

Highlight talks (instrumental)

CTA overview: Werner Hofmann
Highlights from H.E.S.S.: Stefan Wagner
Highlights from MAGIC: Oscar Blanch
Highlights from HAWC: Henrike Fleischhack
Highlights from VERITAS: Brian Humensky
Highlights from LHASSO: Zhen Cao
Gamma-rays from Space: status and future missions: Marco Tavani

Highlight talks (topical)

GRB & Gravitational Waves: Tsvi Piran
GRBs and GRB afterglows at VHEs: Dimitry Khangulyan 
Diffusive Shock Acceleration: Recent Developments: Michael Malkov
Relativistic Reconnection: Lorenzo Sironi
Gamma-ray loud Binary Systems: Pol Bordas
Pulsar Wind Nebulae: Barbara Olmi
Starburst Galaxies: Ellen Zweibel


Extragalactic Presentations at the Gamma2020 Symposium: Reshmi Mukherjee
Galactic Presentations at the Gamma2020 Symposium: Marc Ribó

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