Jul 4 – 8, 2022
Facultat de Biologia, Universitat de Barcelona
Europe/Madrid timezone

Invited Speakers

Review talks

Cosmic Rays and Neutrinos at the Highest Energies: Angela Olinto
Galactic Cosmic Rays: Eun-Suk Seo
Multi-messenger High-Energy Astrophysics Results: Teresa Montaruli
Theory of Gamma-ray Loud AGN: Frank Rieger
Dark Matter Searches with Gamma-rays and Cosmic Rays: Javier Rico
Multi-wavelength View of Pulsars: from Millisecond Pulsars to Magnetars: Nanda Rea
A Multi-wavelength View of Active Galactic Nuclei with an Emphasis on Gamma Rays: Paolo Padovani

Highlight talks (observational)

Highlights from H.E.S.S.: Stefan Wagner
Highlights from MAGIC: Oscar Blanch
Highlights from HAWC: Jordan A. Goodman
Highlights from VERITAS: John Quinn
Highlights from LHAASO: Zhen Cao
Gamma-rays from Space: Status and Future Missions: Marco Tavani

Highlight talks (topical)

TeV Emission from GRB Afterglows - Theory: Tsvi Piran
GRBs and their Afterglows at VHEs: Dmitry Khangulyan 
Diffusive Shock Acceleration: Recent Developments: Michael Malkov
Relativistic Reconnection: Lorenzo Sironi
Gamma-ray Loud Binary Systems: Pol Bordas
Pulsar Wind Nebulae: Barbara Olmi

Nova explosions: Margarita Hernanz
The Latest Discoveries in High Energy Neutrino Astrophysics: Elisa Resconi
Recent Results in Supernova Remnants at Highest Energies: Takaaki Tanaka

Particle Acceleration and Gamma-ray Emission from Starburst Galaxies: Enrico Peretti
Multi-wavelength Astronomy with Gravitational Waves: Marica Branchesi
Stellar Clusters as Pevatron Candidates: Stefano Gabici

Invited talks

CTA Science: Patrizia Caraveo
CTAO Overview: Chiara Righi

Status of LST Project: Juan Cortina 
Status of ASTRI Project: Andrea Giuliani
Status of SWGO Project: Jim Hinton


Rapporteur: Galactic Science: Marc Ribó
Rapporteur: Extragalactic Science: Reshmi Mukherjee